10 November 2001

36 hours in houghton or the pudding made me do it!

We pulled into Houghton late the previous night, or early this morning. I don't know when we finally went to sleep, but it was probably close to 5. Enjoying sleep as much as I do, I was late to actually get up. With 5 people all sleeping on the living room floor there was a cacouphany of snoring for anyone unfortunately enough to be conscious to be annoyed by. I'm sure I joined in to when it was my turn to be unconscious. It was rough.

We finally got going around 11 or noon as Mac cooked a mass of eggs and meat. A little after noon Ila returned from her GRE and the festivities could begin. It was her birthday in less than twelve hours, the main motivation for our trip up. After a stop at the Great Human for food, we traveled out to Hungarian Falls.


Mac & Ila dance


Fraggle, Alex, and Chris don't

Hungarian Falls is only a 10 minute drive from Houghton. It's a beautiful spot with several falls and nice trails. And like most of the area, not crowded, in fact no one else was there. I stopped at the first falls as the group continued to upstream falls. I took this time to meditate on all the events of my life recently; clear and sort issues that having been stuck in my head, deal with dreams that have suddenly started and have been recurring. A place like the falls really help me with this. While it's not impossible to find, it is very rare to be able to find a spot in Ann Arbor that is calm and unaffected by people and technology. Sitting next to the falls I couldn't hear or see roads, cars, planes, or people. Just the ravine and the water. It was all very soothing and something I miss living out of the Upper Peninsula.
img_0764.jpg img_0768.jpg img_0769.jpg img_0770.jpg
img_0771.jpg img_0772.jpg img_0780.jpg img_0781.jpg
We spent several hours at the falls and returned as the air became chilly and damp. Back at Ila and Alex's we ate, drank, and goofed off in preparation for the festivities to come.
img_0784.jpg img_0785.jpg

Ila Doodle Good

img_0786.jpg img_0788.jpg


img_0789.jpg img_0790.jpg img_0791.jpg
Pudding Wresting! The ring was set up in one of Ila's friend's (unheated) cellar and filled with 52 gallons of GFS's finest. The motto yelled over and over: "It's not our house!". The pudding was mostly vanilla with a bit of butterscotch. Apparently one of the residents of the house is allergic to chocolate. This was the second pudding wrestling for man, but it was my first. Slithering around in pudding is a completely ecstatic sensation (unless you get cold). I bought two disposable cameras to document the event. I knew it would be bad, but I had no idea how the pudding would get everywhere. Want to see all the pictures?
01.jpg 02.jpg 11 061.jpg
101.jpg 171.jpg 22.jpg 261
Clean up was hell, and I wasn't even really involved with the process. People got cranky as they were slimy and cold, though I almost enjoyed getting hosed down outside while standing on a gravel driveway. After the hosing or scraping we crammed three or four at a time in the first floor shower; warm, clean, change, rotate.

less hair, easy clean up


more hair, carry 5lbs of pudding around

img_0794.jpg img_0795.jpg








img_0800.jpg img_0801.jpg img_0802.jpg img_0803.jpg
img_0805.jpg img_0806.jpg  
After the pudding, the cleaning, and the suffering we invaded the Ambassador just as they thought they were closing to celebrate Ila's 21st. The celebrating continued until 6 or 7 when we all finally passed out in one way or another. The Ann Arbor crew hit the road by about 3pm Sunday for the long, deer-filled ride home.



Chris, Megg, Mustafa


Fraggle, Alex, J.O.E.


Everyone Love Megg