31 October 2001


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It was supposed to be costume day at Arbor, but the costume optional meant no one wore costumes, including me. Well, I did wear my pirate eye patch over lunch, but it was too hard to code wearing the day thing during that afternoon. It was also happy birthday for october people. weee.

After work a bunch of us took Jess, out from the Boston office for the week, out to the Blind Pig for the halloween party there. It was extrememly good show with Carlos, Ectomorph, and Godfather. I drank my share and danced 'til it hurt. I didn't bring my camera, but Chris's costume was Lenard from Memento. Part of this costume was a polaroid. He scanned and shared some of his nonPickUpLine photos with me. One is missing though, the picture of the booty girlies making a bear sandwich on the dance floor. It was stolen immediately, maybe if we're lucky the culprit will scan it in for us.

Jess totally had the hots for the discoGoggles dood. After the Blind Pig Chris, Jess, Smart, and I raced to the Fleetwood to beat the rest of the bar time drunks for some greasy grub. Smart somehow ended up with the hat from Jon's fatigues costume.

Dan's bear costumes wins hands down as the most disturbing costume of the year, even more so than the ballerina truckers zack and gus. Dan's proportions in the costume made him look like he came straight out of an anime.