27 October 2001

Eric had a nice gather out on his land. It was mostly young family-ish folk from hi-ce (education research group I used to work for). I met many interesting people including maybe some new riding buddies (Jay and his wife, I don't recall her name). The highlight of the evening was a huge fire. The weekend before Eric and his clearing crew built an 8 foot bon-fire stack which they lit tonight. I took an insane number of pictures. These are enough to tell the story of the fire. I have published the whole freaking set if you're curious.

The fire was great. The stack quickly turned into a machine sucking in air through the bottom and blowing flame out the top. As coals fell the entire stack was ablaze and I couldn't stand less than 8-10 feet away without feeling that I was in mortal danger. Sometime later Eric broken out the magnesium. A friend of his had access to some excess manufactured parts made of magnesium. Once the metal got hot enough in it began to burn a brilliant white. Tres Cool.

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