20 October 2001

Too much to make sense

Today I lost a co-worker and a friend. Abha Ahuja, a woman I knew for only 10 months, collapsed on Tuesday and died today. The details are insignificant, but this is the first time I've lost someone I've cared about well before I could have expect. Worrying for her this entire week has been very difficult, and now my grief over her loss is overwhelming. I will always remember Abha.

abha ahuja memorial page
Pictures of Abha

After a very stressful week due to the collapse of my friend and co-worker Abha, I woke this morning and felt the need to go. I suited up, hopped on my motorcycle and headed on an adventure. With little more than a clue, I wandered until I found the point where the borders of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana meet.

Here I turn left on to a dirt road south following the border, leading me to


this monument. I park and


Faux-Lady Bugs swarm everything. I walk south to find


The spot.


North (Indiana | Michigan)


East (Michigan | Ohio)


South (Ohio | Indiana)


West (Indiana)

img_0505a.jpg img_0506.jpg  
Returning from my trip, rushing around to clean up for Mike & Riza's wedding, Matt let me know that Abha passed today, while I was out on my trip. Considering everything that I had been hearing through the week I was not surprised, almost relieved since things had looked extremely bad from the start, but mostly just shocked. Not able to react. Instead I continued to rush on to Mike's wedding.

The wedding was beautiful as all should be. An outdoor wedding in Michigan is tempting fate, but they were lucky today, after a week of really cold weather. Afterwards the reception was best because I was able to spend time with all my co-workers, in this very difficult time.

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Another event planned long before our world turned crazy, the monkey combined birthday and brits party, costumes optional. Most of work showed up, we were the quiet ones drinking and enjoying each other's company. The rest of the party karaoke'd away (was this a first for the monkey house?) with bears, elvi, and sailor moon.
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