30 September 2001

SE Ohio Moto/Camping

The Ann Arbor contingent didn't spend too much hanging around camp the next morning. We had people who had to be places, and a 6 hour ride ahead of us. Unfortunately the T(h)oms and company were out to breakfast when we packed up and headed so I didn't get to say goodbye or grab pictures of them.

The ride back was long, sunny, and gusty. My tired hang-over made the ride quite boring and even taxing for me. Luckily I didn't have a head-ache or feel ill, I was just run down. I found the ride to be much easier when I convinced Ben to lead our squad. After that I didn't have to worry about making sure the 3 bikes behind had room and were happy with our speed and 10 other things. I just had follow, speed up and slow down, and not get run over. Much better.

Overall the weekend was pleasant and much easier than most of the riding I did during my vacation. The Corbin seat I bought has been worth every penny. There's no way I could have sat through 4000 miles in the last three weeks on the stock seat. I've been happy with the Venture BikePack that I bought as well. It has plenty of room and it really convenient. yay!


I think we were missing about 5 people when on the sign when I left.


Tim and Kathy


Bill G. Sr. and Jr.


Joe and Tim


Us: JP, Bekah, Jon, Ben, and Me.

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