28 September 2001

SE Ohio Moto/Camping

Reflectivity is Good.

The Ann Arbor crew travels down to Burr Oak State Park in south-east Ohio. We're coming down because the ZR_Riders mailing list is having an "Ohio Meating." I wanted to take this chance to meet fellow riders on the list and friends from work came for the chance to go riding and camping. You can see Jon, JP, Bekah (she looks so Tron!), and Ben. My bike is there in the middle, and Ben & Bekah's is the blue Suzuki to the right. We've stopped a couple miles north of Columbus to add layers and change helmet visors as the sun dips below the horizon.

The ride down wasn't too long, though we didn't quite keep to our hoped roll-time. After fuel, air, and just general stuff we were on the freeway at 4:30. We rolled into the park just after 10. I took us on a little detour. I followed Highway 33 through Columbus rather than staying on the freeway until we made it out of the city.. whoops. Urban Sight-Seeing, in the dark. Closer to our destination it we wandered through big patches of fog which made spotting fluffy deer difficult.

Two guys had already pitched tents and settled in for the night when we arrived. Brothers Joe and Tim had made it in 2 hours earlier but lacked firewood (none to be found in the park) so it was a cold dark scene as we stumbled around pitching our own tents and settled down for the night.