27 September 2001

birthdayGrill and Quasi

A very special chiaGrill this week as Smart turns a whopping 25! My gift to Smart was a half barrel (100+lbs of beer!) of Bass Ale. The neat thing about buying a keg is all your friends show up. =)

It was an anti-climatic event for me because I was too sick to drink. I did eventually have 2 pints after a great deal of water, but thats really not what I want to be doing around a keg of Bass. Sigh. Matt really enjoyed the keg, and thats all that really matters.

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Quasi came to town I went to see them! It was a bummer to leave the party, but I really like Quasi and haven't seen them yet, so I had to go. I took a bunch of pictures that mostly suck because I wasn't using the flash and I was using my head for a stabilizer (BillPod, Jamie would chime). Janet smashed skins and Sam humped his keyboard, a lot. The set was pretty good, a little more than half of the songs played were from "Sword of God", the rest from their other albums. Jamie and I hoped for "Chocolate Rabbit" and "It's hard to turn me on" but neither of these songs were played. In their place were a couple crappy covers. The show was spoiled with the last encore song being some cheesy disco cover.

The show was at the Magic Stick in Detroit. It was nearly empty compared to the last time I was there to see Frank Black. This time I was one or two people away from the Stage the whole time, and there probably weren't more than 70 people actually paying attention to the band. Frank had the place at capacity. I'm fine with that though, the longer Quasi isn't super popular, the better as far as I'm concerned. But I wish them well all the same. I picked up a poster and a 7" at the stuff stand. No me-sized t-shirts, though Jamie picked up an XL shirt and it fits him well.

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