21 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

Friday 21st

4.5 gallons
2739.9 trip

Off to the ferry.


Interesting ferry cafe lunch ingested and the boat has just begun to rumble as the engines start to turn. We should be departing at 3:00 and arrive in Ludington at 7:00. From there its a 3 hour ride home. The weather is great here; hopefully it will hold for the evening.

Early today I was a little annoyed. I've been free throughout this whole trip and today I had to get somewhere by a certain time or miss the boat. This was compounded by the fact that I had to find a Walmart today and by an extra set of tie-downs. Later I found that the boat had a bunch of tie-downs for me to use in spite of the chiding of their phone operators. Sigh.

I could possible be the youngest non-employee on this boat. Err, well I just saw some children, so I guess not. But this is definitely the geriatric cruise. Badger Bingo was just announced and most of the people up with me on the upper deck have started to filter down to the lounge.

Wisconsin is slipping away which can only mean Michigan grows closer. At least we shouldn't see it for a couple hours yet.

img_0310.jpg img_0312.jpg img_0313.jpg img_0314.jpg
img_0316.jpg img_0317.jpg img_0318.jpg img_0320.jpg
img_0321.jpg img_0322.jpg img_0324.jpg img_0325.jpg
img_0326.jpg img_0327.jpg img_0328.jpg img_0329.jpg
img_0330.jpg img_0331.jpg img_0332.jpg img_0333.jpg

2779.6 trip

Getting off the boat. Much faster to have a vehicle that you get to load and unload on your own, as opposed to the cagers!

2914.9 trip
4.6 gallons at Ionia Exit on I-96

Apply jacket liner and extra gloves! It's dark and chilly.

sometime later
3018.0 trip


bike is in the garage and I'm back.

I burned south from Ludington. I found a kid in a Firebird with a radar detector and we averaged 95-100 down 131. Thats good because I got as many miles as I could out of the quickly fading daylight. Once it darkened I slowed down and hung out with the rest of traffic.

The ride back was fine. A little cold and a little bit boring and I was glad to be done when I finally pulled in at home. The weekend afterwards was a bit disappointing. It's hard for me to be back home after roaming for so long. I wanted to get back on my bike and head south and west for another month or two of riding (in the not so cold). But I had my trip to Ohio the next weekend to grab my attention.