20 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

Thursday 20th

2500.7 trip
got 4.5 gallons of gas last night

I'm packed up and going to take the straight shot down to Green Bay.

img_0306.jpg img_0307.jpg img_0308.jpg img_0309.jpg

I took a picture of picture of Wren and her puppy Finn as I was leaving. The next three pictures are the last view of Lake Superior I had for the trip. This was right before L'anse in the Keweenaw Bay. B-bye.

2626.5 trip

hungry in Iron Mountain

Driving down from Houghton I felt like I had turned around to head for home, the adventure is over. It's a sad feeling; work and life in Ann Arbor is still a faint memory at this point. Aside from the occasional voice mail message really haven't thought about it at all. It has been really nice to just be me for a while. Even when visiting my sister and friends I was still more me rather than me in the context of others. This is not say that I'm ignoring others, it's simply that my connection to these people is much simpler and there are fewer dependcies between me and the rest of the world. I enjoy life with my friends and co-workers, but I need to be alone more than I generally am able to.

After settling in, Fraggle took me out to his mother and step-father's farm. I wish I would have anticipated this; it would have been nice to have my camera. The alpaca were interesting, but the chickens were just strange looking. Some had strange colorations, one rooster had no tail while some birds had big tufts of feathers at their feet. New at the farm were two emus. Large, flightless birds. The seemed to love attention but it could have been that they were expecting to be fed.

Cruising back into Green Bay Fraggle mumbled "fud" and I reported back "Pizza and Beer." Quickly Fraggle accessed his files and came back with a nice micro brewery not too far from his father's house where he lives. We returned to the house, picked up Fraggle's father Bob, and headed out. Egan/Gallaghers had excellent Pizza and Beer. The three of use nearly finished an 18" everything pizza and I had 4 of the house Belgian Trippels.

The bar quieted down and people looked up as the Presidence address the Congress and the nation regarding the terror attacks of last week. That was the first imte that I've ever been impressed with our new President. He has some good speech writers and coaches.

Afterward we returned and Bob gave me the tour of his extensive and high tech home micro brewery. I was very impressed and joyed both of the beers he had ready. After not really drink much in the last two weeks, 8 beers were enough to send me to bed early, just after midnight.