19 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

My agenda for the day was to wander the many roads of the Keweenaw, go Copper Country Cruisin. The basic route: 41 through Calument up to Cliff Drive, then back up to 41, turn onto 26 to Eagle River and up to Brockway Mountain. From there I headed up to the end of 41 and wandered up the clay loop past the end of 41. I turned around after about 7 miles (the roads where getting was too rough and slick for my street bike), then down the east coast of the pennisula through Lac Labelle and Gay, down to Lake Liden and back into Hougthon/Hancock. I stopped in Gay and explored around the old stamp sand plant. In the four years I was in the area I never stopped there. It's a great mix of industrial ruins and encrouching nature.

The roads up there are great. They aren't in as good condition in most Canada, but I know the roads really well so I could push it hard.
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