18 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

I spent Friday visiting.

I showed up at around 11 in Jeff's telcom office. This is pretty standard behavior for me, but unfortunately the shit was hitting the fan today. It was the begining of what was later named the Nimda worm. He had a lot of work to do slow the infection and stabilize network resources. I drove his awesome TDI Jetta out to get lunch for us and we had a chance to hang for at least a little while.

Next I headed over to the Cultural Events office to visit with Val and Ramona to see how they were doing, and how the Student Entertainment Board and other cultural events programming were doing one year after the opening of the great new theatre. I spent a couple hours catching up and promised to have dinner with Val and her husband (who I sang with when I was at Tech) that evening.

I had a brief visit with my brother Eric and took a bunch of pictures of his mess to share with the 'rent. I'll spare you.

Jeff dealing with Nimda


Eric welcomes me to his pit


Barry and Val looking as lovely as can be


a new Houghton resource: Planned Parenthood Express?!?!?!


Alex defends her dinner from Finn