17 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

Monday 17th Sept

1837.0 trip

Tried to get going a little earlier; left the apartment with Jen as she went to work, but I forgot my jacket liner at her place. So I got to see her office and box-o-cash. Now I have everything and have said good-bye again. I have about 3/4 of a tank and the oil looks good. It's really muggy this morning, but all should be good once I get out of the city.

I'm off for Houghton via Duluth and the lake shore.

1929.7 trip
4.4 gallons

Stop for gas in Sandstone, MN. flew up at 85+. maybe i'll stop at the rider warehouse in duluth.

Leaving Wisconsin Point after an encounter with gravity and a nice pine-needle nap.

Wisconsin Point is a park at the very end of Lake Superior. It's a huge sand bar that comes up to the Superior Entry, the end of the water way starting all the way at St. Lawerence Seaway. I stopped at the park, and just as I was trying to get a metal plate under the kickstand to keep the bike from sinking I pushed a little too hard and the bike tipped over and away from me. I couldn't really stop it, but I slowed the bike and set it down gently. After a couple tried and then unloading the bike I was able to right it again. Phew.

I wandered out to visit the end of the lake on this overcast day, and then found a nice bed of pine needles to take a nap. It was very peaceful out there.

img_0131.jpg img_0132.jpg img_0133.jpg img_0134.jpg
img_0135.jpg img_0136.jpg img_0138.jpg img_0147.jpg
img_0148.jpg img_0149.jpg img_0150.jpg img_0152.jpg
img_0153.jpg img_0154.jpg img_0155.jpg img_0156.jpg
img_0157.jpg img_0159.jpg  

2131.9 trip

Ashland WI

No local flavor today, thanks. Just scarfed a crisp chicken sandwich from Mcdonalds.

I stopped in Bayfield and picked up 4.1 gallons of wonderfuel.

Up north by the Apostle Islands was beautiful. Makes me want to learn sea kayaking. There are a dozen wooded islands all within about 10 miles of each other. Spending time in the area could be a great adventure.

img_0160.jpg img_0161.jpg img_0162.jpg img_0163.jpg
img_0167.jpg img_0168.jpg img_0169.jpg img_0170.jpg
img_0171.jpg img_0172.jpg img_0173.jpg img_0174.jpg

So from here on out it's pretty well-known territory, But I do remember a lot of highway 26 up into Houghton to be really nice. Don't recall how much time is left, but I'm going guess about 2 hours.

Wow, this place seems to be the after-school spot. Time to scoot before some teenie-bopper runs into my motorcycle.

I'm sitting here staring at my bike and I can hardly believe I've ridden so far on the thing. My baby. After seeing so many bikes in Minneapolis I like my motorcycle even more and don't at all regret buying a relatively big bike for a beginner. It's served me well already.


Apply Jacket Liner, git!


Doug, a guy from the area stops to talk to me in the parking lot. He has a ZRX-1100. We chatted about bikes, jackets, and not running into fluffy deer. He also tells me county highway 519 is a nice route that will wind me up to Boundary road that borders the Porcupine National Forest. Sounds like a plan to me!

9:01 3989.9
2309.3 trip

Left the Amoco with 4.0 gallons of gas and headed down to Taco Bell. mmm. So now I'm in hoton. Off to find Ila now.

Had a great ride going up from wakefield on county 519 up to Couth Boundary road in the Porcupine Mountains. While I was up there I stopped at Lake of the Clouds, one of my most favorite spots in the world. I was overcast, but still beautiful and peaceful. I sat at the edge of the cliff for about 20 minutes just staring into the trees below. In case I wasn't yet at peace with myself during this vacation, I was then.
img_0178.jpg img_0180.jpg img_0181.jpg img_0182.jpg
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