15 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

After ripping out my rain pants earlier I really didn't want to continue on my trip without a replacement. The Twin Cities have a profusion of motorcycle shops and Bob's won my business by having a set of 2XL PVC rain gear in stock for cheap. I wish we had good accessory shops in the Detroit Metro Area.

After Bob's I headed to St. Paul and spent the day at Andy and Chris's Loft in downtown St. Paul. We furniture shopped, hung out, watched movies, and geeked.
img_0121.jpg img_0122.jpg img_0123.jpg

Psyko Kat


Chris failing to study


One housemate from Hougthon: Charmaine, now working for Seagate


Andy wrestling with stupid USB PCI card and Stupider Kernel, Matt being amused


Nighttime non-view from the loft