14 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

I spent this fine Friday adventuring with Jen. At my request we wandered through the Mall of America in hopes of spotting the Apple Store there. We lunched, Jen picked up boots with a pocket, and we spent a great deal of time hypothesizing about what so great could be in the Cereal Adventure. Determination: nothing with the $21 admission.

I have been to The Mall twice before and this place was extremely quiet. Friday was declared a national day of mourning and about one third of the stores were closed. I think people were also just staying home. Being back in the states was weird. Nothing seemed too off in Canada, but here everyone is violently patriotic and frightened and on edge.

After giving up and winding our way back to the car I actually did find the Apple Store. Like nearly everything Apple does now, it was art. Bright floors, walls, ceilings, people in black, and pleasant hip music. There were a number of every type of Macintosh out, running, and begging to be played with. Nothing like the horrible store-within-a-store experience at CompUSAs. The best part for me was in the back, the Genius Bar. It was basically in-person tech support, but they seemed very friendly, the set-up was great, and they seemed to be helping people. The store was also selling stuff, which was surprising to see. Go Apple.

That night Andy met Jen, Bethany, and me at the Red Dragon. The Dragon is one of Jen and Bethany's fave greas-oh bars since it is mere blocks from each of their apartments. After an intensely long wait we gave up on the wait staff and I grabbed drinks from the bar. Fru-Fru drinks around. Well, expect for Andy. He doesn't drink, yet.
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