13 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

Thursday 13th

2956.5 miles
(1)276.0 trip
got 14.x litres of gas last night.

Moto was stalling when I would put it into gear. Had me freaked out.

This morning checked oil, just below low. I added some oil and it seems to work fine.

it's cold (-1 C), light sporadic drizzle.


img_0058.jpg img_0060.jpg

3122.9 miles
1442.4 trip
About 14 litres again.

Woah: A plane just flew over head, looked like a DC-9. Didn't recognize the airline. I guess at least Canada is back in business.

Damn, that was loud.

So the random stalling after gassing up was just the kill switch engaged by having the kick stand down. Saftey feature! Dammit!

I'm just outside of Thunder Bay. I spent a lot of time tooling around north of here, took pics, was great. I'd really like to take the time and hike the area, But not today!


On my way down from Nipigon I spent some time exploring rather than traveling. Just north of Thunder Bay I stopped at a scenic overlook and had a good look around. The bay itself is pretty large. I first stopped to see Isle Royale. I've never seen it and I was amused to see this distant part of michigan from Canada. The northern end of the bay is enclosed by a rocky peninsula and the far end of it looked really interesting. Even though it involved backtracking I decided I'd regret not taking the time to explore a little.

img_0077.jpg img_0079.jpg img_0080.jpg img_0081.jpg
sta_0061.jpg stb_0062.jpg stc_0063.jpg std_0064.jpg
ste_0065.jpg stf_0066.jpg stg_0067.jpg sth_0068.jpg
sti_0069.jpg stj_0070.jpg stk_0071.jpg stl_0072.jpg
stm_0073.jpg stn_0074.jpg sto_0075.jpg stp_0076.jpg

I was right. At the end of the peninsula there is a large escarpment called the Sleeping Giant. One half of the peninsula is a provincial park by the same name. While I didn't spent much time off my bike there, it looked like there were some really great hiking trails and camp grounds. I want to come back and spend a couple days exploring.

The roads near Thunder Bay sparkled in the sunlight.

img_0082.jpg img_0083.jpg img_0084.jpg img_0085.jpg
img_0086.jpg img_0087.jpg img_0088.jpg img_0089.jpg
img_0090.jpg img_0091.jpg img_0092.jpg img_0093.jpg
img_0094.jpg img_0095.jpg img_0096.jpg img_0097.jpg
img_0098.jpg img_0099.jpg img_0100.jpg img_0101.jpg
img_0103.jpg img_0104.jpg
Now on to Us Border Patrol and Customs!

3323.3 miles
1642.8 trip
4 gallons

Beautiful, construction, repeat

bonus - great roads when not construction.

saw the other shore of the lake appear and creep in closer, now i'm at the point.

Called Jen & Andy, now on to mpls

In Mpls
3478.3 miles
1797.8 trip

In town I settled down at Jen's apartment and went out to dinner with Jen, Andy, and Chris. Dinner was actually really bad, the worst ribs any of us had ever eaten in fact, but no matter. It was nice to see my sister again.