10 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

Sept 10 Monday

Plymouth Rd Shell
3.82 gallons
1680.5 odo
zero trip
LETS GO! beautiful day!

Since I've been through Lower Michigan so many times and so much of it is mind-numbing I should have immediately jumped on US-23 to I-75 and straight up to the U.P. But since this morning was the first time I had a chance to ride my ZR in its pack-mule like state I decided to take it easy. I took always lovely Huron River Drive out to the equally lovely North Territorial Road westward. Highway 52 is a 2-laner heading in the direction I desired, so I took it up through Gretchen's home town of Perry and up to a Road that put me on US-27 north of Lansing. The ride up to Mt. Pleasant is a mix of highway and expressway.

My caution wasn't really necessary. The bike seemed to handle better now. I chalked that up to the suspension adjustment I made in anticipate of more weight. Even in the ever increasing wind bike handled like a dream.

Stopped @ home, visited with Mom and cats, everyone else out and about. Had some lunch, and now ready to head north. 3.15 gallons of yellow-looking gas at Shell on M-20. Strong gusty winds from the South-West.

Stopped in Gaylord, bought a neck gaiter at Normans. Also suit up for rain, since I just missed it and it looks like there is more looming over the bridge.

St. Ignace Shell
1996 odo
315 trip
4.01 gallons

Bridge crossing wasn't so bad. Really strong winds died down 20 miles North of Gaylord. Light gusts from the west while crossing. Got a little rain on the way up, Massive clouds keep chugging by, but it was sunny when I crossed, and is now as well.

I asked the girl working at the Shell if she thought I should stay in Soo, Michigan or Soo, Ontario. After much confusion over the nature of my question she told me that they were about the same but the Canadian side had strip clubs. As I would find the next day Soo, Ontario is so much bigger.

Pulled into the Lockview Motel w/ flashy neon sign, checked in, unloaded, lubed chain.
2060 odo
380 trip
Time to eat.
Cel doesn't work here. Bah.

I cruised around town for a while before deciding on the motel. I even had the local cop following me for a while. Apparently I looks suspicious or something. After dinner I tried to call Ingrid just to say hi and let her know I made the first leg of my trip in one piece and quite happy. Unfortunately my cell phone wasn't allowed to roam on the network there and I couldn't remember how to make a credit card call. I certainly wasn't going to call collect. I don't even know if you can call collect to a cell phone.

With nothin on TV and the local bar dead I slept early.