09 September 2001

Bill's Superior Adventure

The next eleven entries come from my much needed vacation. As soon as I first even got excited about motorcycling I imagined going on a trip. Now after the trip I have to do it again. I've always loved road trips, but riding distance on motorcycle is amazing. For me it's comparable to bicycle touring in terms of the enjoyment it brings me. The challenges and pleasures are different but the rewards are great.

Sometime about a month ago I woke up, opened up my laptop, and started mapping a route. The basic plan was a ride around Lake Superior. I started measuring distances and estimating times. I quickly realized that to do this right I was going to need 2 weeks off. At this point I had been working for arbor for more or less 9 months straight and hard. Looking at my schedule I could see that my current project would most of the way through testing in early September--this was going to be best possible time to get away. I ran my logic past my manager and he agreed! We set some milestones and as soon as they were reached I could jet.

As the time came closer I slowed picked up my stuff-acquistion frenzy. The most important item to research and buy was luggage. I wanted to be on the road for two weeks and I needed to put my stuff somewhere. I hemmed and hawwed a great deal before decided on a backpack like deal. It's made by Ventura and consists of a very simple rack and two large backpacks that attach to the rack. I decided I also wanted a tank bag and found that one of the great motorcycle luggage companies is based right here in Ann Arbor. I took some time a couple days before my trip and wandered down to Eclipse's office. We tried most of their bags on the bike and I settled on their large magnetic tank bag. Both of these products worked extremely well.

Of course I took pictures on my trip, I also kept notes on a steno pad. Sometimes I would sit and attempt to write in English but mostly I just jotted thoughts down so I wouldn't lose them.

Text that looks like this is transcribed more or less directly from the pad.

Here's my first motorcycle touring vacation: