01 September 2001

pool party!

dugsong and Linh threw a pool party! They rented out their club house and cooked a huge amount of really good food: ribs, chicken, salads, kim-chi, pie, corn, and other little goodies. After gorging on food people slowly drifted into the pool. I brought a disposable kodak underwater camera, but unfortunately it uses "film" and must be "developed" before I can see the pictures. Once I get that done (who knows when, it won't be before my upcoming vacation) I'll put the pictures up here.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, marred only by the constant fly-bys of planes dragging advertisements for the football game going on only a mile from us. Luckily we could either easily ignore them, or have fun creatively interpreting the backwards banners that we often saw.

dirt astutely pointed out that we had, as a group, had broken every rule posted on signs in the pool area. I got some pictures of them after the film camera ran out, but I'll have the rest of them just as soon as I "develop" the camera.
img_2063.jpg img_2064.jpg img_2065.jpg img_2066.jpg
img_2067.jpg img_2068.jpg img_2069.jpg img_2071.jpg

More pictures to come....

Here they are:

I threw a waterproof disposiable camera into the pool (it floats! good design). People took pictures, I post them:
002_00a.jpg 003_0a.jpg 004_1a.jpg 005_2a.jpg
006_3.jpg 007_4a.jpg 008_5a.jpg 009_6.jpg
010_7.jpg 021_18.jpg 013_10.jpg 014_11a.jpg
015_12.jpg 016_13a.jpg 017_14.jpg 018_15.jpg
019_16.jpg 021_18.jpg 022_19.jpg 023_20.jpg
024_21.jpg 025_22.jpg 026_23.jpg 028_25.jpg