31 August 2001


Jon thought black socks with short was a good idea.


I went with Ingrid down to Toledo hang with sister Candice and sister's boyfriend Barry, and to meet college buddies who were driving in from New York state. I had a long and fun evening of drinking and relaxing. I took this picture as we were walking up to Chili's for one of the worst dinners I've had in a long time. At least the company was good, otherwise it would have been Hell!

We came back and drank even more. I slowed down since I was at some point driving our sorry asses back to Ann Arbor so Ingrid could make it to her 6 am rendezvous for a rafting trip. About an hour before we were getting ready to leave I was pretty much sobered and Ingrid handed me a StrongAss(tm) cup of coffee. And then another. Headed back to Ann Arbor I was driving, trying to have a conversation, and trying to keep my brain from spinning off into space. So much caffeine in an already weakened system. Weeee! I slept well once I finally made home but apparently Ingrid was crazy and stayed up the whole night and most of the next morning on her way down to West Virginia. mmmmm Sleep Dep.