28 August 2001

dodge elas

I went on a little adventure today trying to close the electricity account I had for old ChiaHaus which eventually landed me in Ypsilanti in bureaucratic hell. But on the way back into Ann Arbor I saw something strange out of the corner of my eye. I spun around to double check and sure enough, Arbor Dodge, the place that I bought my Neon from had a small problem with their signage.

"E L A S"
Well, after everything I'd been through this morning, this was just funny.

So, I stopped my bike right across from the dealership, took off my helmet and gloves snapped a picture. Then I reached for my cell phone and gave 'em a call. "Arbor Dodge, how may I direct your call?" a sweet voice cooed. "Well, I just wanted to tell you that the Sale sign you have out front on Washtenaw is backwards." "Um, Oh really! Oh, well thank you! >click<". The girl attached to that voice scrambled outside and quickly pulled over to big bellied guys in button-down shirt and conferred with them. One guy quickly walked out and shuffled the cards.
img_2053.jpg img_2054.jpg img_2055.jpg
img_2056.jpg img_2057.jpg img_2058.jpg


I was amused.