26 August 2001

Today Ingrid invited me out to a lake with her family. Sounded like fun to me, Unfortunately the weather didn't really want to cooperate. Luckily, we didn't give a crap.

Without rain gear I didn't want to risk the 20 mile ride up to Brighton on my motorcycle, so instead after some work in the morning I packed my stuff into the Neon and wandered up to Sandy's (Ingrid's mom) condo. (Rightly so, it poured on the way up) We had some lunch, watched the weather change from rainy to sunny and back two times, and then headed out.

The lake is an awesome spot somewhere between Northville, Ann Arbor, and Brighton. It's on private land; members of the club pay a small amount of money per person to help the owner maintain the property. There are several nice lakes surrounded by hills, trees, and barefoot friendly grassy fields. It was a great spot. Not too long after we got there and Sandy mixed up some G&T's did it start to rain a little. No matter, we were headed into the lake and it was already wet in there. The only issue was keeping the rain out of my drink. Very Important.

We hung out for a couple hours. Sandy and her beau Jack floated around the lakes fishing, Ingrid and I swam around a island (well, I cheated, I swan half the way around, then walked over the island on the way back), and Candice (Ingrid's sister) swam for a while and read her book.

Just as we were leaving the sky broke, the sun came through, and everything was beautiful. I grabbed a couple quick shots while on the way out. The last is Ingrid dodging the cam.

img_2049.jpg img_2050.jpg img_2051.jpg

Back at Sandy's we grilled out and had a grand time. A wonderful Sunday. I think I'm making up for all those lost weekends earlier in the year with some great ones now. woo!