21 August 2001

shopping karts!

Advertised only by graphiti and word of mouth hundreds of Ann Arbor's finest started a mass exodus at midnight from the Fleetwood up to Main Street and Ann. Various teams lined up their decorated karts, traffic was immobilized, and then the air horn blew!

The karts rolled and the crowd soon followed. The karts picked up speed and the crowd followed, but eventually we fell behind. Some ran, some walked, some jogged down to the end.

When we made it to the train bridge a crowd had already formed and each new person walking up could be heard asking, "Who won?" Nobody seemed to know. Of course the punks that were up on the bridge tossing water balloons at the contestants probably had a good idea of who got there first, but it really didn't matter. After five or so minutes the po-lice showed up. They knew about the whole thing and they were pretty cool. As soon as the cruiser showed up people started getting out of the street and filtering back up into town. Luckily I don't think anything went poorly. If this had happened in East Lansing the cops probably would have started a riot after pepper spraying 20 bystanders and clubbing someone in the head. But here in Ann Arbor they just made their presence know and people behaved. All was good.

Monkey had a good showing with Eric in his tiger suit riding and Gus in his coyboy hat pushing their kart and big banner down the hill. Dave estimates they were about 4th. Monkey!
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