20 August 2001


So it was a while ago that I finally ported my scripts for generating this photojournal over from macperl to unix perl. And then even after that I had a lot of catching up to do with just cataloguing the photos. The switch to mac os X has been a bitch. Not only did I need to port my scripts because of dependencies from my less than stelar original programming (whaddya want, this was my first perl project), but I also still need to reboot to os 9 to get photos off my camera. Less than optimal.

But today I'm sitting outside Mr. Stadium. I'm sure my clothes are done spinning in the dryer, but I really just want to get this done, make the tarball, and toss it up on monkey. Yes Please!

Eventually I'll fill in the rest of the missing pictures, from july 21st on, but that will be another day. Today and Tomorrow smart and I are moving up to a condo on north campus. Oh yeah, and we have to work. And stuff. Soo busy.

Right now I'm extremely happy in the beginnings of a relationship with Ingrid of whom you'll hear more about, but right now I don't think she even knows about photojournal... hrm.

Off to fold undies.

Wednesday 5th Sept.
I'm caught up! Needed to get everything out before I head off on my vacation, two weeks of picture takin! woo!