21 July 2001

The WDA Washtenaw County Bike Tour II

Is it that time of year again, already! Yes! That time of year when crazy kids strap on their brain buckets and peddle across Washtenaw county in search of bars and beer and goodness. This event was much like last year, but only moreso.

First important change was that ChiaHaus was stop number one this year. While it is merely block away and downhill from Bil's, the official starting point, it is still a good place to rally and have a beer.

From there it was out to Ypsi to the Tap Room, then BW3's, Aubrey's, and the SideTrack (1T). Then for some more riding out to Frasiers, then Dominic's, Mitch's, Arbor Brewing Company, and finally the hometown fave, 8Ball. The year I knew it could be down, so I drank more liquor and less water, causing me to be plastered extremely early. By the time I made it to the 8Ball my body wouldn't let me drink anymore. Good Work!

This year we had some mechanical difficulty, this time in the form of a couple flat tires on Smart's bike. The second flat forced an impromptu stop at the Tower Inn in Ypsi. Some went in for beer while the rest lazed in the sun.

Another glaring success for the Westside Drinking Authority.

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