07 July 2001

Erin's 4th of July

This year I had to miss most of the 4th of July Festivities because of work. But by really late Friday night I felt I had finished enough code that I could take off directly before a Monday code freeze.

I made it to Ludington in time to be a part of the caps tournament. Caps is a game play with 2 teams of 2 people. Player takes turns attempting to toss a bottle cap a coffee cup filled with beer "defended" by the other team. First team to 5 points wins the found. If a cap lands in your cup you and your teammate finish off the cup and fill it back up for the last round.

This year Bill and Sam came out of nowhere defeating the defending champions and took home the cup. Yay.

Afterward in the evening Bill taught Missy a new trick, shot gunning a beer by punching a nail through the bottom. She was a bit messy on the first one, but she really had the technique down on the sixth of seventh!

It was big hairy night of drinking, and thats exactly why I came up. Eventually I got tired and instead of dealing with a tent or any such silliness I rearranged some furniture in Erin's parent's (Bruno and Pat) living room and made a bit of a nest. Quite cozy.
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