18 June 2001

Waltham (outside of Boston)

Jim and I have travel out to the Waltham Arbor Office. Jim is out to save the I.T. day while I'm just coming out for moral support. I came out in the hope of start a precedent of having engineers come work in Waltham.

Since we were coming out for most of a week, and we didn't have to be there early Jim and I flew Greyhound of the Skies, Southwest. Our flight was at 8 and we flew from DTW to Midway Chicago, rotted for an hour, and then flew to Manchester, NH, rented a car, and drove an hour to Waltham. That sucked.

While the Ann Arbor office of Arbor Networks is in the center of downtown, the Waltham office is in the middle of a burb, in an industrial park. Witness the miles of asphalt. Ooooh! High Tension power lines too.
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