10 June 2001
The morning after we got kickin early. Bill and Sam took Gretchen back while I headed off to Chicago. King Mimeziner Andy announced earlier in the week that he'd be having a geekend at his house and while I'll probably wouldn't have gone from Ann Arbor, since I was already on the road (though equally far away) I decided it would be a fun diversion.

The trip gave me a chance to check Andy's Chicago pad for the first time, as well as meet many of my CS grad school friends who were sucked away to uber-chatware in Chicago. Hugh was there, beard-enabled after taking a 6 week leave to wander europe. Andy, Bobzilla, and Jason were there too, as well as others I didn't know so well. Mimezine is hacky, geeky, and fun.

Eventually, though, after this long weekend of not working I had to drag my ass back along I-94 and home.
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