09 June 2001
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Good Morning! Wisely, Erin planned an afternoon wedding, but that didn't make the morning any easier for Ms. Gretchen. She was sportin an awesome hangover when we decided it was time to tackle the first dilemma of the day. It turns out that the wonderful Stern's Motor Lodge has neither iron nor ironing board. The Ann Arbor 4 pile into Pangea (Bill's Jeep Grand Cherokee) and head for Wal-Mart. I've need an ironing board for 3 years so this seemed like just as good of an opportunity as any to purchase said implement. Gretchen purchased an iron. It's amazing the plethora of irons one can find at Wal-Mart. So many choices, so little difference.

After a brunch at the House of Flavors (Gretchen's hangover is somewhat soothed by her greasy patty melt) we head back to the Sterns to prepare.

On the way out to the church Gretchen executes some last minute alterations with a less than optimal implement. No blood, and thats really all that matters.

The wedding was a Catholic ceremony performed by Andy's Family's priest, Father Turk. The ceremony was fine, as far as religious ceremonies can be. Turk was an interesting one, a bit of a comic or good at sticking his foot in his mouth or both. At least once he seemed to insinuate that Andy could find a much better woman than Erin. Hrm. He was trying to make some point but failed miserably, if not amusingly.
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A beautiful picture of friends Kristin and Yao. Oh, and look, the drunk bus/wedding party arrives at the in-between Erin's parents hosted at their place north of town.
The reception was nice like wedding receptions should be. It was at a country club and there was a dj with plenty of cheesy music including the hokey-pokey and the chicken dance. The best feature of this particular reception, not including people, was the publicly accessible tap of bud light. What a great idea. Fewer people between me and my gin. This reception was particularly fun just because there were a lot of interesting and fun drunks that I already knew. No work, just drink.
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Midnight Thirty and we're kicked out of the country club, off to the Tiki, again. A little bit of drinking, and little bit of dancing, and we're outta there too. Everyone staying at the Sterns wandered up to the third floor where I suddenly felt like I was back in the dorm. Everyone hanging out in the hallway, but here this was much more drinking.

I was pretty down through most of the night but finally started to have fun up here in the hallway with the drunks scheming someway to get more alcohol. Much fun.

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