02 June 2001

Motorcycle still not fixed, so I drove my car up to Mt. Pleasant for Eric's graduation. Jennifer made it in from Minneapolis, so it turned a family event into an all out reunion. If I haven't said it enough, I love my sister dearly and it's great when ever we get to hang out.

The ceremony itself was an exercise in avoidance for the both of us. Both having graduated from the same high school as Eric, and both having fled as quickly as possible, we really were not looking forward to running into people. In fact, when not sitting in the stands at the ceremony we spent most of our time each scanning our own sectors for possible targets to avoid. It was hard work.

Last to pictures are some family photos. The first is Mom, Dad, Jen, Eric, Me; the second is minus Mom and Dad, plus Uncle Pat and Eric's girlfriend.
img_1651.jpg img_1652.jpg img_1653.jpg img_1654.jpg
img_1656.jpg img_1661.jpg img_1663.jpg img_1664.jpg
img_1667.jpg img_1672.jpg img_1673.jpg img_1681.jpg