01 June 2001
It's Friday and time to drink again. Damn. This time we get a really big crew from work to come down the basement of Ashley's. The closest thing to a dive within crawling distance of the office. Even dug made it out, and we almost never see dug drinkin (anymore, so I'm told). Much fun for all. Melissa had the most fun technology of the evening, her little polariod sticker maker. Take a picture, get a inch version of it on a sticker. FUN! FUN I SAY!

img_1642.jpg img_1643.jpg img_1644.jpg img_1645.jpg
img_1650.jpg img_1647.jpg img_1648.jpg img_1649.jpg

Chris of Minneapolis and boyfriend (name forgotten) drop by to crash at Chia on their way to an event of some sort in Ohio. Hi!