27 May 2001


The Detroit Electronic Music Festival survives to make it to its second year. It is now the Ford Focus DEMF, but I guess everything costs money, and this thing can't be cheap. Due to my extremely injured nature I couldn't really enjoy the festival this year as I did the last year.

I specifically made it out to hear my favorite local talent, Kid Koala. He is a master of scratch, but most importantly he is master of the obscure and entertaining sample. Andy ventured out with me, he had already been out yesterday while I was in the hospital getting checked out. We came early because the schedule at demf is usually whacked, and this time was no exception, but Kid was close to the time scheduled for him.

It drizzled on and off through the day and the pit of the main amplitheatre in Hart Plaza was filled with an interesting mix of people who could care less or were on guard. Halfway through Kid's set it almost started to rain and umbrellas started popping up. Umbrellas? How can you dance with an umbrella? Well, I guess I didn't matter. I couldn't dance either.

After Kid Andy and I wandered separate ways. I went over to the Motor stage and caught someone, and then Stacy Pullen's full set. Stacy makes love to the turn tables like no other man can. He's amazing. More than once I hurt myself breaking from a bob-back-and-forth to bust a move until I remembered, or better put, the left side of my body told me, that I'm broken. Sigh.

Wandering on my way out to meet Andy I found a guy sitting blind folded on the sidewalk rolling a crystal ball around his arms. Strange and amusing.
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