24 May 2001


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I went right to work on Tuesday looking for a bike. I used a method I borrowed from the motley fool and faxed the 10 nearest Kawasaki dealers for a quote on a 2001 ZR-7s, the bike I decided on a long time ago.

I got some interesting responses. I got really lazy responses from some dealerships. I asked for a fully itemized quote, and some dealerships faxed me their card with a price on it while others followed my directions. I got one call from a dealer out in Lincoln Park who wanted to know if this was "for real." He thought it was really impersonal for me to be shopping around dealerships for the best price, he thought I should be buying a bike from a dealership because of how the treated me. I told him that I was looking for a bike, not a friend, and if he wanted my business he could me a quote.

When I originally starting looking for the ZR I got a quote of $6116, which I would have paid right then and there. But I decided this was going to be my first adventure in haggling, so it was time to have some fun. After a day I had quotes ranging from $5400 to $6800. That day I took the quote for $5400.16 to Nicholsons, the dealership who first showed me the bike and told them to make me an offer. I wanted to buy it from them, but I would drive fifty miles to the Monroe dealership to save $700. The salesman took my copy of the quote, went to "talk to his manager", and came back ten minutes later with an offer for $5400 plus $100 in accessories. Sold!

After working out paperwork and insurance, it was mine, and here it is. It had rained all day, but it cleared up just in time for me to leave work and go pick it up. I put about 35 miles on the bike before coming back home for ChiaGrill.

This bike is significantly bigger and heavier than the bikes that I rode on for the MSC. The ZR is much more comfortable to ride, but it's also really heavy. I notice it on turns a lot. Much learning to do.