20 May 2001
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Day three was like day two, only more so. It was hotter, we rode more, we did more difficult things, learned a lot more, and became a little more confident. At the end of the outside part of the day we took the driving test, which consisted of a stagger cone weave, emergency braking (speed up to 30 mph, come to a safe stop in a short amount of time), a powered bank (enter a curve at a good speed, lean, look, and speed up through the turn to right the bike), counter-steering obstacle avoidance (pressing is the answer), and a couple tight low speed box corner turns. I didn't do perfectly, but I did very well. The whole experience was nerve racking for everyone I was with, but it was still very fun. It had been a long time since I have been evaluated on a one-time performance.

Above you see Jon and me after both having passed the riding part of the exam. Wee! The next picture is of our instructor explaining our prize after passing the written exam, the Green Card. It says we passed the MSC which then replaces the need to take the state riding test.

Monday, I went straight for the Secretary of State's office for my endorsement!