19 May 2001
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Welcome to Top Gun, here we train the be.... oh wait, that's something else entirely. It's day two of my Motorcycle Safety Course! Yesterday was just in the evening, it was classroom talk and video to prepare us for today. We started out the day by simply walking the bike around and then next pushing a buddy along as they sat on the bike. We probably spent at least a half hour on the bikes before we ever started them.

The weekend MSC has riding broken up into two 2 hours blocks, and two groups so we ride for something like four hours each day. The first day we never (were supposed to!) even shift out of first gear. We spent lots of time practicing riding in circles, tight corners, and cone weaves learning to master the clutch as it is _the_ most important control on the bike. It's all about being smooth.

So I've been geeked about this motorcycle thing for a while now and it's great to finally get out and start learning. There is a very interesting mix of people even in my 12 person riding group. The first day has been really tiring and exciting and I can't wait for tomorrow.

Jon is taking the course with me, which is nice. We both remarked through the day how strange it was to NOT be doing work. This little weekend adventure feels like a full-fledged vacation.