18 May 2001
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So I joined smart on his house hunting escapades on this rainy day. Smart is ready to buy, buy, buy, no more rent, rent, rent. This particular condo was nice, but annoying because it is a condo, and it's in the middle of condo hell. There's nothing within walking distance, just more condos or apartments. Oh, how I'm going to miss living on the old west side.

I'm going to live with smart, at least for a while. I'm not quite ready to buy a place of my own, and I'm not even in a hurry not to have a room mate. I work so much that home really isn't much than a place to store my stuff and sleep. This way I can save money and have a nice place to keep my stuff. Fun!

Smart is prolly going to be my last housemate. I lucked out when I moved in with the Matts. Things have worked out fairly well, but I no longer need to have a housemate so there's absolutely no reason I'd put myself through that sort of risky/chance/pain.