01 May 2001
Lunch time came around and the regular questions, exclamations, and demands went around on irc. I was already to go to Jimmy Johns when Jamie suggested Blimpies. Now Blimpies is an Ann Arbor landmark and I'd never been there so it seemed like a good idea. More than a few people in the office declined and even made faces; this did not deter me, though maybe it should have. Like many place in Ann Arbor, Blimpies has character, and how. When it was all said and done, the burger and onion rings I had for lunch were good, but they were also 23% grease. The 6 blocks back to the office with a belly full of grease and 80 degree/90 % humidity weather made me absolutely miserable. Only a nap could make it better.
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DJ Ben-oh mixes it up with 6 x20s, 2 rackmounts, and a cisco router for Arbor's Networld&Interop demo. He and all this gear will be accompanying several sales and marketing people to Vegas next week.