22 April 2001

For the second time in as many months, someone on the host has used the program wget to automatically download most, if not all, of my website. The first time it looks like the person went through and sucked down all of the arbor monkeys' web sites, this time it looks like it might have just been me. I don't have the logs here with me, but it looks like it happened only hours after my last update.

The interesting missing bit here is that University of Washington ( is the home of one of Arbor Networks's competitors. One of the arbor sleuths has made a good guess as to who exactly has been responsible for the suckage, but we can't be certain.

Now of course I put up my website for people to see. I even expect individuals working for competing companies to browse our my website. But this complete mirroring of my site somewhere else is shady. I don't appreciate it. There are several things that I can do about it, and one or two things that I'll likely do. I'll start with a civilized approach and go from there. Or, if you're doing it, you can directly contact me. That would be great.

[later: I have filed a ticket with the security people at; this anomalous behaviour seems like something they might be interested in, even if not for my reasons.]