19 April 2001

Right in the middle of some serious work at arbor I took off to go see Frank Black in Detroit. I'm sure I'm a bad person for this, but I've put in so many more late nights and days than most that I didn't feel the least bit bad. Frank was good. Of course I went to see him because he was in the Pixies. I love the Pixies. Frank's good on his own, and with the Catholics, but none of it compares. He played 4 Pixies songs and the crowd went nuts for each one. It was wonderful.

We actually had a WDA quorum out at the Magic Stick for Frank. There were seven of us there, and certainly no larger group gathered that night. Unfortunately I had to be the grumpy old man and go straight back to work after the show.

It was a massive all-nighter Thursday into Friday. Somewhere around 3/4ths of the coders were in the office through the dawn hours. Most excellent. Staying up with 10 other people is much more interesting than staying up by yourself.