16 March 2001

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New snow glares brightly behind Matt as it falls. It is supposed to snow for a day or two, but I have a feeling this might be nearing the end of snow for the year. Intuition, nothing worth anything, just a feeling. I wanted to be sure to snap a couple photos of this snow... It was on it's way out

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ALL YOUR BASE... and Matt brandishing my and his full-auto nerf weapons. These are the coolest and most satisfying guns. The have a 10 round clip, and sound like a WWII fighter bomber machine gun as it unleashing it's foam terror. The shots are quite powerful as well; you know when you've been hit.

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Movie Night I at Arbor Networks. The conference room was packed for our showing of the special edition Conan the Barbarian DVD. After the movie people were insanely hyper, running around shooting each other and getting into other strange mischief. Before leaving for the bar, I saw Aarom stretched out on the couch, posed much like a full-figured romantic nude painting. As soon as I told him this he covered himself with a pillow. He's a modest one, I guess.