14 March 2001
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OOOOoooooooo... my helmet came today. Isn't it nice? Since I have a huge head, and I knew the 2X really couldn't fit my head, I ordered the 3X and hoped for the best. Everyone I'd talked to had nothing but great things to say about Arai helmets, so I was hoping I wouldn't have to look any further. While working late I wore the helmet for 2 hours straight. It's a bit hard to get on and off, but it fits rather well. After talking back and forth with Todd, the owner of Helmet Harbor he helped me decided that I probably wanted to get the next smaller size of cheek pads to make the helmet not fit quite so tight. Especially when compared to the shops that I've been to locally, but even when compared to most consumeristic experiences, I've been really impressed with Helmet Harbor. Go talk to them if you're buying a motorcycle helmet.