10 March 2001

A huge group of people went to city club today. City Club is a fun goth/industrial club 50 minutes away in downtown detroit. They generally play good music, they have a open and dark dance floor, and people there wear everything from long sleeves, pants and boots (me), skirts and lacy things (some of the girls with us), lotsa leather, and sometimes just a little paint, electrical tape, or nothing at all.

Since I was a good boy and drove during our strip-club escapades yesterday, I decided it was time for me to get my drink on. We hit a liquor store and I picked up a liter of coke and a fifth of rum. Others picked up their poisons. Of course our gracious driver, Matt, had nothing to drink, but several of us warmed up quite nicely before our arrival at the club.

who was there: Me, Gretchen, Matt, Fraggle, Joe, Ila, Alex, Chris, Squid, Angela, Sarah, and assorted other characters.

I had great fun dancing with Gretchen for a lot of the evening since I was her "boyfriend" to protect her from some of the studs trying to charm their way into her pants.

I had been dancing by myself for a while, I was in a little trance when Gretchen and Matt came out to join me. Sometime while Underworld's Dirty was playing I was dancing with hair flying, my face to the ceiling, and my hands in my pockets and I couldn't stop smiling. It was such a big smile too. I found momentary bliss. It lasted for the song, and then this feeling was not too difficult to conjure up for the rest of the night. It was beautiful.