08 March 2001

playin hooky

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Yesterday I promised Gretchen that I would come over to her classroom in the afternoon and help her with the scanner in her classroom. I had lunch with people at Sabor Latino and was done by about 1:30. Gretchen said be over after 2, which meant I had a minimum of 30 minutes to walk 4 blocks. I could have gone straight to the school and waited around, but I really didn't want to be hanging around a middle school in black cap and coat while kids left for home. How creepy would I look?

Instead I wandered down a steep hill, found 5 dollars, and bounded into vets park. I spent what seems like all sorts of time just wandering around, and then just sitting in the grass and pondering the world around me for a while.

Later, walking to the school a fire truck passed right in front of me and I was shocked by the real emotional response I had to the sirens and roaring truck engine. It was strange. Over the last year I've noticed this happening more and more. I'm guessing it's just my reaction to adrenaline, but I don't know, it happens all the same. Thankfully the twisted knot of fight or flight passed quickly and I could go on with my day.