05 March 2001


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snow =^]

It has been snowing off an on since lunch time today. It's really nice despite the rather precipitous drop in temperature compared to the previous week. Even though it looked like the snow might be letting up around sunset, it has continued snowing into the night. I'm glad there has been something to try to raise my spirits.

I've been in a poor mood all day and many little details have worked to make it worse. My new laptop doesn't perform as well as I'd like, I had to give up my 21" monitor today for 'seniority' or something. It's monday and I didn't get enough sleep. A bunch of stupid things that shouldn't bother me, but are, today. Things bothered me more than not for most of the day. Except the snow. Friends have helped a little as well. Gretchen called for help with computing at her school... no useful tech support around at 6 apparently. So I went out bringing dinner. We ate, talked, I fixed her laptop, and I felt a little better. Helping is good. I've also received a big email from Rose which I have yet to read, but I'm sure it will help too. The anticipation is good, at least. But I haven't posted in quite a while so I've taken the last couple hours to tidy up and put the last couple weeks together. So it looks like today will at least end well. Tomorrow will be better.