04 March 2001

After a long evening with the SprinBreak01 AA crew, the 10am buzz of my cell was less than appreciated. Matt was stranded, at a gas station of all places... Electrical problems in the Escort that I could neither diagnose nor fix over the phone. On with some clothes and I drive out to meet him.

It seemed like either he had a dead alternator, battery, or both. We were able to start his car, but as soon as he touched the brake (bringing on the tail lights) the car went kaput. We left it at the garage there for further work and I took him to go and steal his aunts car. Before leaving town he took me out to breakfast.

Turns out that breakfast didn't really sit well with my stomach and I laid down for another couple hours of almost rest.

When I finally woke I began the process of transferring my life over from my pismo to my brand-spanking new PowerBook G4 I had received earlier in the week. This required pulling the 12 gig hard drive out of the Pismo, replacing it with its original 6 gig drive, putting the 12 gig on in my firewire sled, and then selectively pulling the good stuff onto the PBG4 (dubbed trillium) and leaving the kruft in the trash.

img_1010.jpg img_1011.jpg img_1013.jpg img_1014.jpg
Later Joe called me to let me know that the SpringBreak01 AA crew was sitting around watching horrible movies. That was enough to get me there. In between horrible movies we went for horrible food at White Castle. On a Sunday night. What an experience. You can see Ila and Alex carrying around Fraggle, the straw wrapper fraggle hit me with, the getFoodWarp, and my meal of "burgers", fries, and chicken rings. We all got chicken rings, they were much too appealing not to. Unfortunately they sucked like all the other White Castle food, except for maybe the coke, which seemed pretty normal. I didn't even eat half the food you see here.