03 March 2001


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I went back to the cycle shop in Dearborn to check out the jacket I saw there. I still liked the jacket, until I notice the big ugly plastic emblem on the back. Survey says: XXX. Oh well. I had a look at a couple bikes and decided to head out to Brighton since Ben had mentioned the shops up there.

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Even though the roads are cratered and the people are crazy, I love driving down I-96 through the metro burbs. The hills, high walls, wide lanes, and extreme speed make driving feel like a video game. VROOOM!

I passed a frozen lake on the way to Brighton, it reminded me that it is still winter. The weather has been so bright and mild over most of the past week that it was really easy to forget. The Brighton shops were ghetto, but Nischolson's in Ann Arbor actually had the bike I've been looking for, the Kawasaki ZR-7. The had to finish putting it together, but man, once they were done... weee. It's really nice looking. It was quite comfortable to sit on as well. All the reviews I've read really make me want to ride it, and finally sitting on the bike makes it even more enticing. "Don" gave me a good price on the way out, but I can't buy anything until I've paid my taxes. And then I think I'll shop around a little more.

I finally decided on a helmet, the Arai Cooley Red. I wanted a Quantum (for round heads), but had to go with the Signet (for oval heads) because it comes in XXXL, and apparently is the only one that has a chance of fitting my huge head. Vrrrooom. $410 of head-protecting fun.