22 February 2001

an unexpected snow dusted ann arbor.

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yesterday dirt and i headed to cisco's old office and picked up some nice, heavy, and unwieldy racks and assorted crude. today dirt and assorted assistant started getting our machine off the floor. for the first time in a long time i didn't help out, instead i just coded, and i got a lot done. it was nice.

people kept asking me questions of me at work as if they thought i might be an authority on the subject:

  • How do I get this computer case open? It was some generic looking pc case. I've only owned one pc. The questioner has more computers in his office than I've ever owned. I but I did figured out when i observed the diagram on the back.
  • Is US postage 35 cents? No, 34. I guess I knew the answer to that one too.

How useful am I? I don't begrudge the questions, and I don't mind helping, they just seemed strange to me.

Do you have questions? You should ask me: re:answer my question.