21 February 2001

happy birthday aidan!

img_0887.jpg img_0888.jpg
We all went out for lunch with Aidan on his birthday. A good indian buffet. Aidan bought himself a birthday present, a canon s100, just like mine! Here you can see him playing with it during lunch. total digital elphs in the office: 3.

img_0889.jpg img_0890.jpg
After lunch we sneaked up on Aidan with a yummy cake from eastern accents. Matt frosted a skull and crossbones on to the cake to keep with our arbor networks pirate theme.

So many meetings! We've been busy designing a lot of new spiffy algorithms for new components of our "Managed Availability Service." Here dirt's driving one of our cool anthro rolly whiteboards, and the meeting. We all take turns explaining some cool algo or process and we sanity check it with the group. Sorry for the blurs, but you don't get to see...

I sent this postcard to the Waltham, along with a pirate flag for their office, and a remote control car. Apparently their office lacks the amenities and culture of the hacker core in ann arbor. I'm just trying to do my part to keep things fun. The arrow points to our building.

My depressedness and general grumpiness seems to have lightened today. I was smart enough to fall asleep with a blanket over my head, so I slept 'til 11, 7 full hours of sleep. It did me good.