18 February 2001

After not being able to sleep for most of the week, I slept 'til 11am this morning. It was strange not to wake to a phone call, alarm clock, or car crash (out on huron, they happen often enough). It turns out I had been playing with my cell phone last night and had turned it off before going to bed. So I did miss a call: 20 minutes earlier Sam had called me to let me know that Kristin from our ed tech masters program was in town and a group of people were headed to angelos for brunch. Yum! I showered and rushed out.

img_0877.jpg img_0878.jpg
I took these pictures after parking on my way to brunch. The cold clear air of last night had carried over to a cold and clear day. The sun was so very bright, even when I wasn't staring directly into it.

Brunch was a very good time, but afterwards I became very distracted and agitated. I couldn't concentrate and I couldn't get any work done. I couldn't read a book, and I couldn't take a nap. I was very quickly becoming very grumpy and depressed. Nothing I did helped. I even just stopped and browsed some web pages. I caught up on one of my favorite web journals and that made me even more depressed. I hate to see people that I care about (even if I don't know them) end up in a bad situation.

Finally, I took my angst out to the gym. I ran, cycled, lifted weights, and repeated until I was completely exhausted. Here you see the deranged smile on face after my mind had completely shutdown.