17 February 2001

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I walked into the corner office this afternoon and was delighted to see a bright patch of cloud intermingled with grey puffs.. It was quite beautiful and I didn't focus correctly, so the photo is a little fuzzy. But as I watched it I noticed the patch moving strangely. It really didn't take me too much longer to figure out what was going on. After turning my head 135 degrees to the right I saw the sun peaking through a blanket of clouds. I was watching a reflection. I spent another couple of minutes playing with the reflection. I had fun at least. Wonder, once explained by science, can still beautiful and magical, but at a different level.

Bad Photoshoppin Fun:

A plan! A favourite movie of mine, The Big Lebowski, is showing on the big screen at midnight. The plan is to work until 10, go out to Ashley's, drink white russians (the drink of choice of the TBL's protagonist), then go see the movie.

So that's not exactly what happened. I did get a lot of work done after I was done goofing off... a good thing. Work, while still an unending pile of code to write, is progressing well. But then I started IM'ing with a Rose, a woman with whom I've been emailing back and forth for a couple of weeks. She found me through monkey and my website, and we've ended up sharing fun, nearly-context free conversation about our respective worlds. Chatting back and forth in real time was just as cool. The problem was 10pm had come and past and we were still in the middle of a great conversation. Eventually I was peeled away from my powerbook and headed to Ashley's basement to share drinks and conversation with others.

I didn't end up drinking so much. While leaving the bar this disappointed me because I was looking forward to viewing this goofy movie while tipsy. It turned out to be a blessing because we didn't make it into the movie. We were about 15 people after the last ticket.. the movie sold out. Since I was still in good form I was able to drive Matt, Jon, and my car back to chia house. From home we were to walk up to the old town and meet dirt and erika.

bill easily amused:
As I prepared to turn left into my driveway I saw a car turning right. Hrm. I pulled in 3 seconds after other late model dark neon. It was Zan and Larry from upstairs in his dark blue neon. Nothing significant, but amusing.

We did continue onto the old town through the bitterly cold air of this clear night. We shared pitchers of Best Brown and made fun of the 80's hits and notReallyHits that piped through the cable radio. T'was a good day.