16 February 2001
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Ann Arbor is a funny little town. Some time early in the afternoon a loud cacophony echoed up from Liberty street. We all scooted over to the south windows to see a band of about 30 people marching down the side walk waving tie-dye flags and rainbows, followed by about 10 people wearing orange vests labeled "Peace Patrol." Apparently they were there to keeps the hippies from beating up the KKK members (something big like that happened just before I moved here) or something. No message conveyed, but they seemed to be having a good time.

I left work at about 7:30 today and found a mob-o-people between me and the parking structure. The vagina monologues were going to play there, and people from the local women's shelter were annoyed that Planned Parenthood was getting the proceeds from the charity event, rather than the shelter. I took some pictures and grabbed some literature just so I could see what was up. It was pretty funny. They wanted patrons to give their money to the shelter instead. They were passing out some souped-up stats to show that Planned Parenthood were a bunch of money-grubbing, racist, women-hating, baby killers. I was surprised that I didn't find the words "nazi" or "hitler" anywhere on the pamphlet. Now I'm not taking sides here. But it annoys me when people publish statistics in a misleading manner (it happens all the time). Even if the actual numbers they published were valid, the language used and omissions in the explanations of statistics clearly showed they were trying to force their point of view across. Sigh. 93% of all statistics are misleading. =^>